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Wealthy benefit when land rezoned for more dwellings: paper

By David Pendered Feb. 12 – Allowing more homes to be built on land once zoned for single-family detached houses benefits the wealthy and educated, while homes of existing residents lose value, according to a paper released by scholars with Wharton business school and Princeton University. The paper could provide guidance in Decatur. The City […]

By the numbers: Georgia’s jobs boom, housing shortage

By David Pendered Jan. 29 – Census data on Georgia’s housing units and population, and Gov. Brian Kemp’s announcements on the number of new jobs, provide perspective on Kemp’s proposed $35.7 million in state funding for affordable housing. A significant housing shortage appears to be on the horizon in some areas of the state. Census […]

Details: Kemp’s $35.7 million plan for affordable housing

By David Pendered Jan. 16 – Gov. Brian Kemp’s $35.7 million proposal to fund affordable housing initiatives relies on redirecting state funds in an authority created by the state in 2000 to allocate some of Georgia’s share of the settlement with tobacco companies over health costs of smoking-related illnesses. The proposed structure of the Rural […]

Fannie Mae aids Atlanta senior housing project

By David Pendered Jan. 11 – The difficulty of developing affordable housing for seniors is evident in a project that is close to securing financing after more than two years of work by a wing of Atlanta’s development authority and Atlanta Housing, and their private partners. Some residents of a neighborhood south of Greenbriar Mall, in […]

Time to rebuild a homebuilding industry

By David Pendered Aug. 14 – Metro Atlanta provides a case study of a home-building industry that hasn’t rebounded since its peak in 2004, Census data show. The phenomenon has widespread implications in the escalating effort to ease housing costs. For one, President Biden’s Housing Supply Action Plan, released May 16, envisions the private sector making […]