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A cautionary note re: YIMBY Action

An Open letter to Atlanta Civic Leaders: A Cautionary Note about YIMBY Action to Those Following Atlanta’s Comprehensive Development Plan and Zoning Updates By Mike Dobbins June 5 – Many of us get notes from YIMBY Action, probably multiples. I go to some of their meetings, most recently a Zoom that summed up their YIMBYtown […]

Affordable Housing? Affordable for Whom? What will it take?

By Mike Dobbins, Professor of Practice, Georgia Tech Jan. 25 – Below, in bullet form, is a comprehensive outline of the housing affordability problem, aimed at deepening understanding of its larger contexts for the purpose of making affordability happen. Contents Brief background What is housing affordability? Housing development is complex Why Has Housing Become Unaffordable? Its […]

Wealthy benefit when land rezoned for more dwellings: paper

By David Pendered Feb. 12 – Allowing more homes to be built on land once zoned for single-family detached houses benefits the wealthy and educated, while homes of existing residents lose value, according to a paper released by scholars with Wharton business school and Princeton University. The paper could provide guidance in Decatur. The City […]

Reform zoning? Yes! Kill single family zoning? No!

By Mike Dobbins July 20 – Many people don’t get zoning. Efforts to reform it abound. This report aims to help people better understand zoning and its relationship to affordable housing. In Atlanta and around the country, zoning has become a hot topic. People are blaming zoning for all manner of ills, most prominently now for the […]