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Affordable Housing? Affordable for Whom? What will it take?

By Mike Dobbins, Professor of Practice, Georgia Tech Jan. 25 – Below, in bullet form, is a comprehensive outline of the housing affordability problem, aimed at deepening understanding of its larger contexts for the purpose of making affordability happen. Contents Brief background What is housing affordability? Housing development is complex Why Has Housing Become Unaffordable? Its […]

New fed program no remedy for affordability

By David Pendered Oct. 22 – More dwellings may be built with funding enabled by a new federal regulation, but there’s no reason to expect any such units built in metro Atlanta to be affordable. The Biden administration has announced a new program that aims to induce construction accessory dwelling units as part of its […]

Georgia awards first state grants for affordable housing

By David Pendered Oct. 1 – For the first time, Georgia has awarded state grants to support the development of affordable housing in rural parts of the state. Georgia has awarded a total of $8.37 million to five communities: City of Albany, $923,513; City of Colquitt, $2.4 million; Columbus Consolidated Government, $2.3 million; Douglas Coffee […]

Georgia’s new regs to induce equity, inclusive housing

By David Pendered Aug. 26  — Georgia has almost completed the proposed update to its plan for spending in 2024 the state’s allocation of the nation’s largest program to subsidize the building and preservation of affordable housing. The proposed plan appears to refine the housing strategic goals in order to raise the bar on issues […]

Ode to Commonsense: Mobility and affordable housing

By Mike Dobbins June 15 – Lower income people, often lacking cars yet more bound to their work locations, suffer greater travel inequities than others. Getting to jobs, shopping, health, education, and other services costs more and takes longer. Shortening the distance and the accessibility both by highway and by transit from home to these […]

Private investors want to own more affordable housing

By David Pendered March 21 – Private and institutional investors are planning a big surge of investments in new and existing affordable multifamily housing in states that could include Georgia, according to a report by the New York Fed. “The majority of respondents indicate that they anticipate raising more equity in the next 12-24 months […]

HouseATL expands board, mission, aid for families

By David Pendered HouseATL has expanded its Advisory Board as it focuses on new efforts to expand beyond Atlanta’s city limits, help Black and brown families purchase homes and establish a formal visioning plan. HouseATL announced Wednesday that, as a result of voting at the group’s Feb. 10 meeting, HouseATL now has a board with […]

Wealthy benefit when land rezoned for more dwellings: paper

By David Pendered Feb. 12 – Allowing more homes to be built on land once zoned for single-family detached houses benefits the wealthy and educated, while homes of existing residents lose value, according to a paper released by scholars with Wharton business school and Princeton University. The paper could provide guidance in Decatur. The City […]