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Time to rebuild a homebuilding industry

By David Pendered Aug. 14 – Metro Atlanta provides a case study of a home-building industry that hasn’t rebounded since its peak in 2004, Census data show. The phenomenon has widespread implications in the escalating effort to ease housing costs. For one, President Biden’s Housing Supply Action Plan, released May 16, envisions the private sector making […]

Reform zoning? Yes! Kill single family zoning? No!

  Subhead: Many people don’t get zoning. Efforts to reform it abound. This aims to help people better understand zoning and its relationship to affordable housing. By Mike Dobbins In Atlanta and around the country, zoning has become a hot topic. People are blaming zoning for all manner of ills, most prominently now for the […]

More call ATL home as homebuilding slumps

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Easy Bunny Cards

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